Autor: Zoha Bint Dawood

06. September 2012


von Zoha Bint Dawood

So comes an end to my work term at Schoeck Canada. Once again, I had a great time working there and learnt a lot. I had the chance to work on a number of ComBAR® projects. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to learn about the Isokorb®.

This term was especially exciting as I went on a solo site inspection. I visited the Eastgate Office Building in Edmonton, Alberta, to inspect the Isokorb® and answer the client’s queries.

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11. Juni 2012

Hello Everyone

von Zoha Bint Dawood

My name is Zoha Bint Dawood. I am a 3rd year Civil Engineer from the University of Waterloo. I have previously worked at Schoeck Canada (Sept – Dec 2011) and am very glad to be back for another term!

Earlier this month, I visited Fairway Bridge with Angelo and Lena, who took some awesome pictures. It was nice to see the progress they had made since my last visit in November.

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02. Januar 2012

More Job Site Visits

von Zoha Bint Dawood

Hello again,

Recently I had the opportunity to visit two job sites with Ekaterina Tropynina. We had originally planned to visit Sarnia Road again for a follow up, but eventually went to Fairway Bridge in Kitchener, as well.

Sarnia Road

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10. November 2011

First ever job site visit!

von Zoha Bint Dawood

Last month I had the chance to visit a job site for the very fist time. I went along with Ekaterina Tropynina to Sarnia Road in London, Ontario. … weiterlesen

20. September 2011

Introduction Zoha Bint Dawood

von Zoha Bint Dawood

Hello! My name is Zoha Bint Dawood and I am a 3rd year Civil Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. I have recently joined the Schoeck Canada team as a co-op student. … weiterlesen