Autor: Mark Caplan - English trainer, Gastautor

01. Oktober 2014

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

von Mark Caplan - English trainer, Gastautor

After many months of preparation the Gentlemen of Southern Germany were ready to ride for a great cause. Machines were oiled and polished, suits and ties were ironed and the route had been carefully planned. The Baden group including myself and Rainer Weller from Schöck rode to Heidelberg on a wonderful sunny morning to meet up with the rest of the riders.

Southern Gentlemen HD

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27. August 2014

Die Gentlemen kommen

von Mark Caplan - English trainer, Gastautor

Ich bin leidenschaftlicher Biker, düse gerne mit meiner Triumph Bonneville in Lederjacke, Jeans und Stiefel durch die Gegend. Aber am 28. September werde ich meine besten Schuhe polieren, meinen Anzug aus dem Schrank holen sowie Hemd und Krawatte anziehen.


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26. Juli 2013

It’s a boy

von Mark Caplan - English trainer, Gastautor

The world waited expectantly for news of the royal baby and the excitement even spread to the staff at Schöck central in Baden-Baden.

Royal baby

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27. August 2012

Sell your dog and save the planet?

von Mark Caplan - English trainer, Gastautor

A recent study has revealed some surprising facts: the biggest threat to the environment in your house is not your car or your flat screen TV but the family pet! … weiterlesen

20. Dezember 2011

You can’t judge a book

von Mark Caplan - English trainer, Gastautor

by looking at the cover, although most of us do it without realizing it. Take a look at the colleague walking past and you see only the co-worker who has been coming to work with us for years. We don’t often get the chance to see what hobbies or interests they have. The truth is that everybody has more to them than just what we see at work. At Schöck, for instance, there are people who are very talented artists, people who are expert skiers. Some are members of Carnival clubs who wear masks and take part in parades and Schöck also has a lot of staff members who play musical instruments. At the Schöck end of year party the Schöck colleagues found out that the English teacher plays in a band and wrote a song for the company. … weiterlesen