Autor: Christian Witt

21. November 2012

Glass Fibre Reinforcement: Changing the Concrete Construction Industry

von Christian Witt

On November 6th 2012, Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), Mississauga Chapter in joint efforts with Brampton Chapter, offered a Technical Seminar in the 244-seat Noel Ryan Auditorium at the Mississauga Central Library on Advancements in Glass Fibre Reinforcement.

The Central Library of the Mississauga Library System is one of the busiest libraries in Canada. The building officially opened on October 2, 1991 and was designed by Shore Tilbe Henschel Irwin Peters who also designed the Peel Board of Education headquarters and the police building in downtown Toronto.

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02. März 2012

Vancouver loves Isokorb®… and we love Vancouver!

von Christian Witt

From February 21st to February 23rd, Bill Chihata and I spent some time in Vancouver and Whistler doing Lunch and Learn presentations to Architects and enjoying the nice landscapes of British Columbia.

Especially Whistler was awesome. What a great place to install Isokorb®! And the best is: it’s going to happen! A private “Whistler Sky House” will use approx. 160 Schöck Isokorb® type S22 to insulate the beautiful inside from the cold temperatures outside. Different to the typical wooden building in Whistler, the Sky House will be made of concrete and steel. … weiterlesen

21. September 2011

One day full of Isokorb® with Alex

von Christian Witt

When Alex Krenczik called me to invite me to a half day seminar at the German-Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Toronto where he and other high level experts were presenting about their own experience and research results with thermal bridge aspects, I said “sure, I’d love to”, especially because I knew we will be launching the Schöck Isokorb® soon. The seminar was called “Avoiding / Coping with Thermal Bridging”. That was an excellent opportunity for me to meet people from the industry. So I accepted. What I didn’t know at that time was the tight agenda that Alex had prepared for us on that day. … weiterlesen

21. Juli 2011

Schöck Canada “survives” Rankin’s 2011 Keep the Spirit Co-Ed Beach Volleyball Tournament…

von Christian Witt

Schöck Canada Inc. is very proud to have been part of the 9th Annual Keep the Spirit Co-Ed (4’s) Beach Volleyball Tournament hosted by the St. Catharines Firefighters. This year’s tournament took place on Saturday, July 16th at the “Not So Pro” Sandbox at Lock 3 in St. Catharines.  As in previous years, all proceeds will be donated to the Rankin Cancer Run.

The Rankin Cancer Run is a charity event, which focuses on funding cancer care in the Niagara Region.  In the first five years, the run has raised just under $2,000,000. All of this money went right back into the local community.

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28. Juni 2011

Schöck ComBAR®, the only possible option…

von Christian Witt

The Christie Street Bridge is located in the heart of the town of Grimsby in the Niagara Region in Ontario, crossing the CN Rail Tracks. The Niagara Region is currently rehabilitating this bridge. ELLIS Engineering Inc. has undertaken the Environmental Assessment and the detailed design and is in charge of the contract administration for this project. The General Contractor (GC) is the renowned company Rankin Construction out of St. Catharines, ON.

Christie Street Bridge over CN Rail Tracks in the Town of Grimsby, ON

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23. März 2011

Schöck Canada Inc. moves into new premises…

von Christian Witt

Despite the economic crisis in the last years, the Schöck Group never stopped growing and developing new solutions for the construction industry. Our overall sales are continuously increasing, we are exploring and entering new markets and we are writing success stories with every step we take and wherever our innovative building solutions are used. We just love to enthuse our clients with our unique products and services.

As most of you know, we started our local business in Canada on April 1st, 2009 when we opened up our first sales office and warehouse at 199 Trillium Drive in Kitchener, Ontario.

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23. Februar 2011

Vom Kunden „eingerahmt“…

von Christian Witt

Termin in Windsor, Ontario. Nach fast 3 Stunden Autofahrt, kam ich bei unserem Kunden Facca Incorporated an. Wir hatten einige Projekte zu besprechen. Das Gespräch war nicht nur positiv verlaufen, wie immer, sondern führte erfreulicherweise auch noch zu einem sehr netten Auftrag, in dem 6 Brücken involviert sind.  Auslieferung ist im Sommer 2011.

Facca Incorporated ist ein sehr fortschrittliches Bauunternehmen in Ontario. … weiterlesen

16. Februar 2011

Schöck Canada Inc. expandiert…

von Christian Witt

Lieber Blog-Leser,

Trotz der bekannten Wirtschaftssituation in den letzten Jahren, ist Schöck kontinuierlich weitergewachsen. Und die Schöck Canada Inc. ebenso. Ich darf mit Stolz darüber berichten, dass wir Anfang Februar 2011 in ein neues Büro und ein neues Lager umgezogen sind.

King Street West: unser neues Bürogebäude

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21. Dezember 2010

Wintergrüße von der Schöck Canada Inc…

von Christian Witt

Liebe Kollegen und Kolleginnen, liebe Kunden, Freunde und Blog-Leser,

die Schöck Canada Inc. wünscht Euch / Ihnen und Euren / Ihren Familien eine frohe und gesunde Winterzeit sowie viel Erfolg und interessante Geschäfte im nächsten Jahr.

Christian Witt und Familie beim traditionellen Baumfällen in St. Jacobs, Ontario

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20. Dezember 2010

Tunnels USA Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

von Christian Witt

This conference was organized by Arena International Events Group for the first time ever and took place in Boston, Massachusetts from December 6th to December 8th, 2010. We decided to attend this year with a booth in order to introduce our ComBAR® Glassfibre Reinforcement System to the US-Market for the first time again in the last 5 years. We presented our new folding display wall designed specifically for Tunneling Construction applications. The event attracted approx. 60 participants from North America, including Transport Canada, the Ministry of Transportation Québec and several DOT’s (Department of Transportation) from different States across the US. The conference finished with a very interesting site visit to Boston’s state of the art and highly sophisticated Highway Operations Center, hosted by The Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Booth Schoeck Canada Inc., one of 5 exhibitors.

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