Autor: Angelo Koichopolos

11. Juli 2012

GFRP – The Span Between Old And New

von Angelo Koichopolos

Down with the old and up with the new. Bonnechere bridge is in the city of Deacon, Ontario. The bridge is approximately 94 meter long and 13 meter wide with 6 meter approach slabs.

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18. Juni 2012

Tunnelling in Canada

von Angelo Koichopolos

The York-Durham Sewage System is a series of five pumping stations, force mains and over 120 kilometres of sewer pipe that services the municipalities of Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Markham, Vaughan and Pickering in the province of Ontario, Canada. … weiterlesen

13. Dezember 2011

On Our Way To Another Spectacular Year

von Angelo Koichopolos

2011 may have started off slowly but has roared to a finish. As we head into 2012, we anticipate being very busy in the upcoming year. We have plenty of new jobs in the books and signs look very positive for the future. The Canadian economy has fared better than most countries, seeming to escape the downturns and negative outlooks. Our Ontario and Federal governments are still focused on moving steadily ahead with our infrastructures to create safe highways, bridges and local roads and to modernize public transit. All of these projects require the use of GFRP and we are pleased to be part of it.

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19. September 2011

TAC Conference Edmonton

von Angelo Koichopolos

We have made our presence again, this time in Edmonton at the TAC show. It was a 3 day event with exhibitors and presentations. Ekaterina presented Professor Khaled Sennah’s findings on the crash test performed in Texas for the PL-3 barrier. We were delighted that we had at least 100 participants attend our presentation. Based on the number that attended, there is a definite interest in our product’s performance. Ekaterina did an amazing job as presenter and exhibited confidence and her knowledge of ComBAR®.

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11. Juli 2011

Introduction Angelo Koichopolos

von Angelo Koichopolos


My name is Angelo Koichopolos and I joined Schoeck Canada on June 15, 2011. I have been in the construction industry for many years. … weiterlesen