26. Juli 2013

It’s a boy

von Mark Caplan - English trainer, Gastautor

The world waited expectantly for news of the royal baby and the excitement even spread to the staff at Schöck central in Baden-Baden.

Royal baby
Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

All the groups learning English took part in a competition to guess whether the new baby would be a prince or princess and, just to make it a little more difficult, the exact weight in old fashioned British pounds and ounces.

Schöck employees take part in a wide range of training courses as part of the HR development framework and languages are a big part of being able to communicate effectively and develop solutions for Schöck customers worldwide. The English courses at Baden-Baden are organized by HR executive Barbara H. and Dr Mark Caplan (an Englishman in Karlsruhe, me :-)) who is also a real fan of the Royal Family.

Employees from all departments took part and although many were close only one had all the right answers. Norbert Grupp from “Anwendungstechnik” got it exactly right with his guess of a 6 pound 8 ounces baby boy so he collects the prize of the “Lonely Planet” guide to British language and culture, some English tea and of course a bone china cup to drink his daily brew.

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