06. September 2012


von Zoha Bint Dawood

So comes an end to my work term at Schoeck Canada. Once again, I had a great time working there and learnt a lot. I had the chance to work on a number of ComBAR® projects. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to learn about the Isokorb®.

This term was especially exciting as I went on a solo site inspection. I visited the Eastgate Office Building in Edmonton, Alberta, to inspect the Isokorb® and answer the client’s queries.

I was very pleased to know that the company believed I could handle the responsibility. Since I was visiting Edmonton for the first time I explored downtown and the West Edmonton Mall, which is one of the largest malls in the world.

I also attended the Isokorb® launch party. It was a great learning experience and has made me consider taking a course on thermal design next year. I meet many great individuals at the event, including some colleagues from overseas. It was great to finally meet more members of the Schoeck family.

While the team was away in Germany, I was handling the fort and had the chance to do a bit of Internal Sales as well. I was slightly nervous to authorize a sudden pickup for ComBAR®, but felt rather proud when it all worked out.

I would like to thank the Schoeck Canada team for all their guidance and most of all, the wonderful memories. I have truly had a great time working with them and am proud to call myself a ‘Schokingeer’. I wish the entire Schoeck team the best of luck for all their future prospects.

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