18. Juni 2012

Tunnelling in Canada

von Angelo Koichopolos

The York-Durham Sewage System is a series of five pumping stations, force mains and over 120 kilometres of sewer pipe that services the municipalities of Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Markham, Vaughan and Pickering in the province of Ontario, Canada. Sections of the existing Southeast Collector Trunk Sewer are currently operating near capacity. The purpose of the proposed undertaking is to accommodate the additional sanitary sewer flows projected from future approved growth as identified by the Regional Municipality of York’s Official Plan.

We have been fortunate to be awarded the supply of GFRP for the 4 softeye cages for CDC Chamber near shaft #8 to Zublin/Starbag. Salit Steel supplied and tied the steel cages and tied ComBAR® for the softeye (pictured below). We are looking forward to seeing them being install in the mid of June. Our experience with the cooperation of Zublin/Starbag and Salit Steel has worked out well and foresee continuous development with both companies for the near future.

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Alexander Hettler
21. Juni 2012 um 10:29

Hey Angelo, it looks great.
Good luck for the installation of the cages.
Take care.

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