11. Juni 2012

Hello Everyone

von Zoha Bint Dawood

My name is Zoha Bint Dawood. I am a 3rd year Civil Engineer from the University of Waterloo. I have previously worked at Schoeck Canada (Sept – Dec 2011) and am very glad to be back for another term!

Earlier this month, I visited Fairway Bridge with Angelo and Lena, who took some awesome pictures. It was nice to see the progress they had made since my last visit in November.

On another note, Schoeck Canada has been taking part in various shows and conferences, such as the ACMBS conference in Kingston. To better display the ComBAR® at the conference, we built a model sidewalk. Christian, Stefanie and I spent the day at the warehouse putting the model together. It was a lot of heavy lifting once completed but totally worth it. The best part was getting to actually play around with the product!

5 hours, 34 bars and countless ties later….
The monster crate the model was shipped in. It was quite a workout to get it in there!

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