09. März 2012

VIDEO RELEASE: Schöck in Canada, featuring Isokorb®

von Angie Tennyson

We are excited to announce our feature presentation: Schöck in Canada, the premiere installation of Isokorb® in the Canadian market.

Beaver Barracks

During initial planning of the Beaver Barracks project, Kim was determined to find a solution to avoid costly balcony repairs and improve energy efficiency. The solution was structural thermal break element, Isokorb® type CM. Isokorb® was installed at the connection of the cantilevered concrete balconies of the Ottawa, Ontario building.

This short film captures the design and construction experiences of Kim Menard and Thady Murray, project managers of the Beaver Barrack project. During their debut on YouTube and Schoeck.ca websites, they share insight on their decision to include Isokorb® thermal break assemblies, as well as tips on the installation process.

Film reviews are positive, and views are increasing on YouTube. Continue to pass along the video link, educating the market on the solution for thermal bridging issues.
I did notice we missed one critical piece, EBI! We will be sure to include EBI in future releases!

Video Link: www.schoeck.ca/en_ca/news/schoeck-isokorb-at-beaver-barracks–584
(Scroll to the bottom of this webpage to find the video.)

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Alexander Krenczik
14. März 2012 um 20:52

This is our best video so far. Kim and Thady gave honest feedback and basically testified- don’t be afraid to use Isokorb. It’s an easy to install product and makes perfect sense. Thax to Angie and Marnie making it happen……..

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