05. März 2012

Isokorb® – adding value to a booming industry in Toronto.

von Dritan Topuzi

Toronto 2012:
“173 sky-scrapers are being built in Toronto, the most in North America. New York is second with 96” – The Economist, February 2012

Tridel Group:
Canada’s top builder of condominium communities, with over 20 new condominium communities currently under development in the Greater Toronto Area, with a long history of award winning excellence like: Ontario High-Rise Builder of the Year by Tarion, High-Rise Green Builder of the Year by Bild, etc.

Sounds like being part of Tridel developments in Toronto, would be a great start for Isokorb® in Canada!

It definitely is, and on the morning of February 10th, I was excited to be on the top of one of these high-rises, to assist on the installation of Isokorb® on the 17th floor of Ventus, as part of a pilot test project.

Overlooking Metrogate’s central community park, Ventus features two shimmering towers. Metrogate is a Tridel Built Green. Built for Life.® community. It is registered to pursue LEED® ND for Neighbourhood Development Certification. This community was selected from over 300 communities across North America after a rigorous qualification process that incorporated aggressive LEED® sustainability candidate requirements. (www.tridel.com).

It started with Christian’s great presentation at Tridel’s headquarters, which convinced the management that Isokorb® perfectly fits their philosophy of Green Building. Then, a smooth collaboration between the respective project teams made possible this pilot test project, a success thanks to the support of many Schöck colleagues in Canada and Germany, especially Bill, Seref, Hanaa, Dieter, and Alex.

My only concern on the day of the installation was whether the contractor would feel comfortable with the process; a concern that vanished early that day when the manager said “yeah, it’s pretty straightforward”.

Three CM30 modules, of the new Canadian Isokorb® types, were designed and installed on one balcony. Six temperature sensors were installed in the concrete slab on both sides of Isokorb®, to remotely monitor the temperature for one year.  For comparison purposes, same instrumentation will be installed on a second balcony with a traditional home-made solution and on a third one with no thermal break. The cost of these tests is being shared between Schöck and Tridel. The collected data will be used to evaluate the performance of Isokorb®, and enable the Tridel management to decide on the future of Isokorb® on their developments.

I am sure that all of us are confident on the performance of Isokorb®. And, I am sure we all can guess what it means if Tridel becomes our client 🙂

With Canada weathering the global financial crisis relatively well and the actual construction boom in Toronto, I am very optimistic on the future of our products.

Let’s get Isokorb® installed everywhere… well, even half of the buildings is not bad! 🙂

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Alexander Krenczik
14. März 2012 um 20:45

I’m sure Tridel will see the benefit in using Isokorb- 2 reasons, great team at Schöck Canada and the best product arround!

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