13. Februar 2012

Introduction Stefanie Witt

von Stefanie Witt


my name is Stefanie Witt and most of you already know me as Christian’s wife. I work for Schoeck Canada Inc. since November 14th, 2011. My position here at Schoeck Canada is Internal Sales Support and as such I will try to do my best to support the Canadian Sales Team for ComBAR® and Isokorb®. My job started very busy and I had the chance to be involved in approx. 25 projects so far. I am happy to see, that Schoeck Canada is getting busier and well known among the Canadian Construction Industry. Before I started with Schoeck Canada I worked for DESCH Canada Ltd., a german based company with a very similar history as Schoeck Canada. I had my first working experience with AET in Hamburg, where I worked as a Project Assistant and later as Project Manager. I worked for that company until we decided to move to Baden-Baden because of Schoeck where my husband started to work in 2006. I gained most of my knowledge about Schoeck and their products through Christian being with Schoeck for many years.

Apart from work I love my family; 3 kids, 1 husband and a beautiful Golden Retriever. Silvia, my oldest daugther is 15 years old and goes to Grade 10 at Huron Heights Secondary School in Kitchener. She will graduate in two years and is planning her future as a Designer and Photographer. Michelle, my younger daughter is 12 years old. She is in Grade 7 at Doon Public School and loves school. She has no plans for the future yet but she still has some time to get there. And than there is our little one, Jan-Eric. He is 4.5 years old and already goes to Junior Kindergarten at J.W. Gerth Public School. He is a very funny guy and loves to put on a show for everybody. I am happily married to Christian for almost 16 years and we are both very proud of our family and of what we achieved in our lives so far.

I am happy to have the opportunity to being part of the success story of Schoeck Canada and I am looking forward to working in a great Team here in Kitchener and in Baden-Baden.


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