05. Januar 2012

Domenico Pace, responsible for Export ComBAR® USA

von Domenico Pace

I am Domenico Pace Jr. a first generation American. My parents both migrated from Italy. My father migrated to Toronto Canada, and my mother to Connecticut, so in order to be half way between their family and friends they chose Detroit as where they would live their married life.

I grew up in the attic of a restaurant, my father and mother both were managers in the food service industry, and ran several locations in the metro Detroit area for the owner.

I have always had an interest in Music, and musical instruments. After my wife and I were married in 1985 I spent almost 6 years self-employed buying and selling guitars and amps. It was also my first real sales job.

After migrating to Florida in the early nineties I began working for a company that manufactured a PC based voice mail system. This would be the beginning of an almost 12Year career in telecommunication sales management for myself.

I have worked in a number of great organizations, the coolest being North Point Ministries an Atlanta based mega-church that allowed me to travel on several occasions to Moldova. I also have had the pleasure of working for Apple Computers, which began my love affair with all their gadgets. I love to cook, I have a collection of over 6000 music albums, and I adore my wife Brenda whom I have known since we were 16 years old.

My wife and me

All my success is a result of my faith in God who guides me, and friends and family that love me. I look forward to weaving in and out of your lives, Cheers.

PS. I also get bored very easily. LOL

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10. Januar 2012 um 13:43

Herzlich Willkommen in der Schöck-Familie – Welcome in the Schöck-family

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