02. Dezember 2011

Thermal Breaks in The Big Apple

von Angie Tennyson

In November, Schöck held a seminar titled, Sustainable Design Knowledge: A Closer Look at Structural Thermal Breaks, at the Center for Architecture in New York.

The event was sold out two weeks prior, with 34 architects arriving after a long day in the office, to learn more about thermal break solutions.

Alexander Krenczik and Jim D’Aloisio did exceptionally well presenting educational courses, which earned participants credit toward their licensing requirements. The attendees appreciated the insightful information, as one participant brought his project details to ask further questions for incorporating the Isokorb® solution. Architect, Art Margiotta described it as an “informative and interesting seminar,” “It’s apparent to me Schoeck has managed to take the concept of “thermal break” to the highest level.”

The Center for Architecture was exhibiting a display called Building=Energy which tied in well with our seminar. This exhibit included graphics on “What are thermal bridges?” demonstrating the need to further educate this topic to architects and the design community.

During our visit in New York, Alex was able to coordinate additional presentations at local architectural firms, allowing me to join one of the office visits. This gave me the opportunity to hear the questions asked during a more personal presentation of Isokorb®.

Alex concluded his visit in New York with additional presentations, including one impressive audience of 60 structural engineers. We continue to educate the market about the innovate solutions Schöck is bringing to the US, planting the seeds for the year to come.

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