01. Dezember 2011

Seeking the Precast Association in Canada

von Angie Tennyson

Schoeck Canada exhibited at the Concrete Precaster Association of Ontario, 21st Annual Conference, presenting ComBAR® and Isokorb® product lines.

The show had the potential to meet with manufacturers who could include ComBAR® in their precast product lines, yet the clients we had hoped to speak with did not attend the conference this year. The weather was pleasant, not too cold… so, where were they? Although we were looking for more attendees at the North Bay, ON show, we did reach those precasters who came, introducing our products to additional representatives in the building and precast industry. Our competition for the ComBAR® product was also exhibiting, and the Schoeck booth stood out with an impressive presence.

This was my first conference with the ComBAR® product. I learned a great deal more about the ComBAR® product and features, as well as how Schoeck goes to market with ComBAR®.

The conference ended with an amazing show by a top entertainer in Canada, Comedy in Motion with Bob Cates. While the show finalie was memorable, we wish we had more opportunity to reach our target clients, and hope the time we spent at the conference also leaves a memorable impression on the Concrete Precaster Association.

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Marnie Röder
01. Dezember 2011 um 11:04

Thanks Angie. What do you think about ComBAR now?

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