13. Dezember 2011

On Our Way To Another Spectacular Year

von Angelo Koichopolos

2011 may have started off slowly but has roared to a finish. As we head into 2012, we anticipate being very busy in the upcoming year. We have plenty of new jobs in the books and signs look very positive for the future. The Canadian economy has fared better than most countries, seeming to escape the downturns and negative outlooks. Our Ontario and Federal governments are still focused on moving steadily ahead with our infrastructures to create safe highways, bridges and local roads and to modernize public transit. All of these projects require the use of GFRP and we are pleased to be part of it.

Now, let’s have a look at the projects we have picked up in the last few months.

Bonnechere River Bridge in the County of Renfrew near Hwy. 60 and Deacon, Ontario was completed in 1955 with steel beam and timber trestle design. As you can see from the picture, it’s time for this bridge to be replaced.

The replacement bridge spans 93 meters with 6 meter approach slabs and has a 13 meter wide deck. This bridge will use ComBAR® in the deck, sidewalks and parapets. This is the first bridge that we’ll build that will be entirely GFRP. Our partner for Bonnechere will be Looby Construction who has been in heavy civil work for over 100 years. The construction is scheduled to be completed by November, 2012.

North Channel Bridge is a new bridge in Cornwall, Ontario, and bridges Canada and the USA. Aecon Materials has been awarded Contract #2 which includes the North Channel and Canal Bridge. Our partner is Harris Rebar which will supply and install the reinforcement for the two structures. This bridge is 360 meters long. We are supplying material for the sidewalks and curbs. Most of our work should be completed in 2012 or early 2013.

County Road 24 Underpass and Hwy. 417 is the rehabilitation of an existing bridge on La Grande Montee (County Rd. 24) Township of East Hawkesbury, Ontario. We are supplying material for the PL-2 parapet to Harris Rebar for this 92 meter bridge with 6 meter approach slabs. Complete in 2012.

Windsor Essex Parkway, Project B-15 Bridge. This is a 70 meter bridge with 5 meter approach slabs. We are supplying material for the PL-2 parapets and sidewalks. This site is in Windsor, Ontario. Our partner on this project is Facca Incorporated who is one of our prime customers. Completion is planned for 2012.

Queen`s University Material Testing Laboratory is in Kingston, Ontario deviates from our usual projects. We are supplying ComBAR® for two reactor slabs on the University campus. Our partner is T.A. Andre & Sons Ontario Limited. They are the project managers and a new customer to us. Complete in 2012.

We here at Schoeck Canada would like to take this opportunity to wish all our colleagues and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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