10. November 2011

First ever job site visit!

von Zoha Bint Dawood

Last month I had the chance to visit a job site for the very fist time. I went along with Ekaterina Tropynina to Sarnia Road in London, Ontario. We delivered a few additional ComBAR® rebars at the site and went through the handling and installation instructions. We also presented them with a few Schoeck give a ways.

The trip was quite adventurous as we got into a minor accident right before we got on to the highway! Thankfully no one (besides the car) got hurt. We used our excellent engineering skills and patched up the car with duct tape!

Ekaterina and I will be going to London for another site inspection in a few days. Looking forward to it!

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Angie Tennyson
15. November 2011 um 01:04

Be safe on your next trip! Take some pictures of the job site, if you get a chance.

24. November 2011 um 14:58

Does it move? -> Yes -> Should it? -> No -> Use Duct Tape!

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