28. Oktober 2011

Beaver Barracks celebrates “topping-off” and realizes efficient installation with Isokorb®

von Angie Tennyson

The Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC), celebrated their “Topping-off” party at Beaver Barracks.

This project provided an introduction of Isokorb® to the rebar installation crew at AGF Raymond.

As their first experience installing Isokorb®, the project managers expected delays, setting aside funds to cover the additional labor.  Now that Isokorb® has been installed, the team is reviewing their efficiency.

Impressive! The team is realizing the effectiveness of the installation techniquess, and meeting expectations. By the third floor, the team was at their average rate of installation. The installation of balconies with Isokorb® took equal amount of time as a standard rebar balcony with no thermal break. The expected delays were obsolete.

Isokorb® is one of the many sustainable technologies which CCOC and their design team, implemented into the 105 Catherine Street building.

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