19. September 2011

TAC Conference Edmonton

von Angelo Koichopolos

We have made our presence again, this time in Edmonton at the TAC show. It was a 3 day event with exhibitors and presentations. Ekaterina presented Professor Khaled Sennah’s findings on the crash test performed in Texas for the PL-3 barrier. We were delighted that we had at least 100 participants attend our presentation. Based on the number that attended, there is a definite interest in our product’s performance. Ekaterina did an amazing job as presenter and exhibited confidence and her knowledge of ComBAR®.

There was a question and answer period following the presentation and we were surprised at the number of questions related to the performance of ComBAR® in the PL-3 barrier. As far as I can tell, the interest came primarily from the western part of Canada, specifically the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. There was little representation from the eastern provinces – perhaps the distance of this particular show was a deterrent for east coast participants.

The booth looked great and was very inviting. I would have preferred to have more floor activity at this show, but the presentation from Ekaterina made up for any loss on the show floor.

Having an APPROVED DRAFT copy of the PL-3 from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is going to go a long way for us. The engineers from other provinces can see the effort that has been made by Schoeck to prove its engineering and design of ComBAR® in the wake of the incident in Manitoba. All engineers from other provinces can now use what has been proven and accepted by Ontario and hopefully reduce the time needed to approve the same practice in their own provinces.

All in all, I think the show was a success for Schoeck because we made our presence in the western part of Canada and the feedback I received from the attendees was that they were interested in knowing more about what we do and what our product is capable of doing.

Schoeck has set the bar higher in our industry to provide a safer road to our future.

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Christian Witt
21. September 2011 um 18:43

Nice article Angelo. Looks like you had a great conference out there. Alberta, here we go!

Marnie Röder
26. September 2011 um 16:51

Hi angelo, great to hear that it was successful for us.

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