05. September 2011

My great internship experience at Schöck

von Stephanie Krohn, Praktikantin

What can I say about my two month internship here at Schöck? Overall, it has been an incredible and rewarding experience. A financial mathematics student from Waterloo, Canada, I was looking to continue to gain valuable office work experience through summer employment. However, I was also looking to spend a summer abroad in Germany to reconnect with my German heritage through living in Germany and immersing myself in the culture and language. I was thrilled when the opportunity arose to be able to combine both of those goals through working here at Schöck and living in Baden-Baden.

I had an incredible time working with the Schöck ComBAR® team here at Schöck this Summer. From the get go, the team was so welcoming, from taking care to ensure I would be able to find my way to work on the first day, to keeping me included in lunch-time conversation despite my very basic German speaking ability. I was thrilled to find that everyone seemed excited to help me improve my German skills, and impressed by their patience in everything from having to repeat stories I didn’t catch to assignment details I misunderstood. I am proud to report a huge increase in my German speaking and comprehension skills, especially in the area of regional dialect and slang. Holla die Wald Fee! 🙂

The workplace environment was friendly and supportive and I was appreciative and impressed by the efforts and concern of my superiors and co-workers to keep me challenged with interesting and relevant assignments. I was able to apply my quantitative skills through assisting with pricing models and statistical analysis, had many opportunities to refine my Excel and VBA skills, and gained valuable insight into the inner workings of a highly successful manufacturing business from an internal finance perspective. I had the exciting opportunity to accompany one of my colleagues on a business call to Zurich, getting to experience the beautiful southern Germany landscape along the way. I also had several opportunities to visit the lab and to witness and be a part of some of the experiments and tests done on Schöck products, which I found very interesting.

On top of all of this, I got to live in one of the most beautiful areas of Germany and got to experience the culture and scenic beauty of the Black Forest and the area and cities surrounding Baden-Baden first hand with my co-workers and friends.

Thanks to everyone at Schöck for a great internship experience! But especially to the ComBAR® team for making the last two months such a fun and memorable time! Hopefully see you all soon! Tschüß!

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