20. September 2011

Introduction Zoha Bint Dawood

von Zoha Bint Dawood

Hello! My name is Zoha Bint Dawood and I am a 3rd year Civil Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. I have recently joined the Schoeck Canada team as a co-op student. I have previously worked for the University of Waterloo, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as a Research Assistant and National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) in Pakistan as a GIS Analyst Assistant. I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to be a part of Schoeck Canada.

I was born and raised in Pakistan and moved to Waterloo, Canada for my Bachelors’ degree. I was amazed at how multicultural the society here is. In fact, I tried sushi for the first time a few days ago with my Schoeck colleagues! So far I am really enjoying my experience.


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20. September 2011 um 08:13

Welcome to Schoeck

Marnie Röder
28. September 2011 um 19:22

Hi Zoha,
I look forward to seeing you soon!
Best wishes.

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