26. September 2011

GFRP presentation in Vancouver

von Roland Heere - Metro Testing Laboratories Ltd, Gastautor

Christian Witt visited Vancouver in September. On 20 September, he gave a presentation on GFRP to the local ACI chapter.  Approximately 45 members, mostly concrete contractors and engineers, listened with great interest (in spite of the preceding scrumptious dinner) to his words on design, fabrication and use of GFRP reinforcement of concrete.  The long sequence of questions from the audience after his presentation attested that he taught us many new ideas and concepts. We would like to thank him for the presentation and hope he will visit us again.

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27. September 2011 um 12:28

Thank you for your feedback!

Marnie Röder
28. September 2011 um 19:19

Thanks Roland, we hope you enjoyed it (not only the dinner :-))
Kind regards from the Marketing Department of Schöck

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