18. Mai 2011

Breakthrough south TBM Liefkenshoek rail link in Antwerp harbor

von Sascha Boxheimer - THV LocoBouw, Gastautor

After 13,5 month of tunnel advance in Antwerp underground the south TBM arrived in the reception shaft of KW11 16.05.2011.

The TBM started 31st of March 2010 to drill a 6km long freight train tunnel, passing the Scheldt river and the Kanaaldok B1-B2. Due to a very good performance, the 1st TBM is about 6 weeks ahead of schedule. In total 2 shield driven TBM tunnels are under construction with a diameter of 8,1m. The tunneling of the northern tube is still ongoing; arrival is expected by end of July.

The tunnel construction works are to be done by the tunneling specialists of French Vinci Grands Projets Construction and German BAM subsidiary Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG. Belgian companies MBG and BAM CEI-DeMeyer are responsible for the civil works of the project with a total length of 16.2km. The project has to be completed in July 2013.

As shown on the photo, the TBM passed a softeye of 9,0m diameter in a 1,50m thick diaphragm wall provided with gfrp-bars of the german supplier SCHÖCK.

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18. Mai 2011 um 17:06

Great picture!!

19. Mai 2011 um 13:26

Hi Sascha
Thank you for your great article and your pictures.
Maybe we could make another successful project together with ComBAR.

Take care and have a nice time in Antwerp.

19. Mai 2011 um 18:08

Hallo Sascha,

Maybe next time we can do a project together.Look forward to it. Just give me a call.


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