26. April 2011

BRIDGELIFE Conference 2011

von Barron Wang

The first BRIDGELIFE Conference and Expo was held on April 13-14 in Ottawa. It is intended to position bridge asset management professionals and those responsible for bridge operations with the most current information available in several key areas pertaining to bridge structures. This conference is designed such that bridge owners, operators, maintenance personnel, and their support team, can participate in hands on exchange to assist in achieving enhanced reliability and increased longevity in bridge assets worldwide.

Benjamin from Germany, Christian, Ekaterina and I attended this two days conference. Our competitors were also there. There were several sessions to discuss the different topics about the life of bridges. Every break between each session, all visitors came to the booth to acquire the information that each exhibitor can provide.

Schoeck Canada Booth in BRIDGELIFE

Christian talking with client, Ben and I watching
Christian and Ben were working during the break
It’s me.
It’s Ekaterina.

ComBAR® rebar is the perfect reinforcement element to achieve the bridge longevity compared to traditional steel reinforcement. Schoeck is the first GFRP supplier that did the crush test for PL3 barrier walls which is required by MTO. The pending approval by using ComBAR rebars for PL3 barrier walls also attracted lots of attentions and interests.

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Doug Gremel
19. Mai 2011 um 20:12

Thanks for sharing !

Christian Witt
20. Mai 2011 um 02:21

It’s a pitty you weren’t there Doug. Maybe next time.

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