11. Februar 2011

Introduction Mai-Linh Ho

von Mai-Linh Ho

Hi! My name is Mai-Linh and I’ve recently joined the Schoeck Canada team. I’m a 3rd year Civil Engineering student at the University of Waterloo and am currently on my co-op work term. I was born and raised here in Kitchener and am so glad that Schoeck decided to set down some roots here!

I’ve had previous engineering work experience in a lot of different settings ranging from municipal land engineering to transportation engineering and even being part of one of the most prominent land remediation projects in Canada. I am excited to be part of the Schoeck Canada team and learn all the different facets of the company!

I enjoy travelling and have just recently come back from a 4 month study abroad term in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was my first time going to Europe and I really enjoyed my time there! I’m still amazed at the multitude of people that I met from all over the world. During school breaks, I was lucky enough to be able to go travel to different countries (even with a couple stops through Germany!). I hope to return there one day because I’m not done exploring all that Europe has to offer!


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22. Februar 2011 um 14:22

Welcome to Schöck.

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