20. Dezember 2010

Tunnels USA Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

von Christian Witt

This conference was organized by Arena International Events Group for the first time ever and took place in Boston, Massachusetts from December 6th to December 8th, 2010. We decided to attend this year with a booth in order to introduce our ComBAR® Glassfibre Reinforcement System to the US-Market for the first time again in the last 5 years. We presented our new folding display wall designed specifically for Tunneling Construction applications. The event attracted approx. 60 participants from North America, including Transport Canada, the Ministry of Transportation Québec and several DOT’s (Department of Transportation) from different States across the US. The conference finished with a very interesting site visit to Boston’s state of the art and highly sophisticated Highway Operations Center, hosted by The Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Booth Schoeck Canada Inc., one of 5 exhibitors.

Although the number of participants was relatively low, the interest in ComBAR® was very high, especially in the tunnel sector but (unexpected for this conference) also in the bridge sector due to the corrosion problems in various areas of the United States and Canada. Engineering firms and owners invited Schöck Canada Inc. to present the benefits of ComBAR® to their offices in the US. As of now, the US market works with GFRP systems more or less on a project basis only. ComBAR® would be an excellent alternative to replace traditional lower grade GFRP, stainless steel, epoxy coated and galvanized rebar.

Tunnels USA Conference – Lunch Time

We will follow-up with all the contacts we made and hope to learn more about the US market.

Forthcoming Events by Arena are:
Fire Protection Safety in Tunnels Asia in June 2011 and Fire Protection Safety in Tunnels Europe in October 2011.

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