25. November 2010

Tractor Trailer crashes against a Concrete Wall in the Middle of Nowhere

von Benjamin Juette

It all happened shortly after two pm on November 16th.

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Thirty or so exited pairs of eyes stare at an abandoned runway. It feels like the middle of no-where. The scattered weeds growing in some of the cracks between the concrete slabs are swaying gently in the warm Texas air. We are staring at a forty meter long concrete wall off in the distance to the right and into the Texas country side on the left, waiting for a truck to appear. Several cameras are sitting on their tripods as if planted there by a gardener. Not a word is spoken.

Suddenly a walky-talky crackles “vehicle running”. Then nothing! Now I can feel my heart beat. Still nothing! Where is it? Even the wind seems to have stopped in anticipation. Each second feels like an eternity. Finally I deceminate the first faint roar off to the left behind the trees in the sun. The sound of trucks. It grows louder. There they are! The bright red truck pulling the white trailer with the Schöck logo on it. Right behind it a much larger white truck. The tractor trailer roars at full force toward the wall blowing up a white cloud of dust behind it, whereas the white truck is slowing down.

The red truck reaches the wall, runs on behind it. Suddenly the cab is ripped upward behind the wall. The engine cover bursts open. There is the sound of metal crashing into concrete. The cab twists off. The relentless trailer pushes it further into the wall. It careens up on the wall, its side ripping open. Dust everywhere! The trailer seems to ride the wall, scratching and crushing its top. Then it is off the wall, covered in a cloud of dust, grass and debris. Finally it settles down in the brush behind the wall.

I exhale. We did it! The wall held. ComBAR is great!

To get more information on this crash test please click on one of the following links:



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Christian Witt
05. Dezember 2010 um 22:39

I’m glad I was there and could attend this amazing test. Great results, as usual. What else could be expected from our ComBAR!! Great job!

18. Dezember 2010 um 22:23

Wow, unglaublich was ein Glasfasermaterial leisten kann!

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