06. Oktober 2010

TTC stations

von Barron Wang

July is very hot in Canada. It was my first time to see ComBAR® GFRP rebars in tunnelling applications during construction stage. Toronto Transit Commission is expanding subway from Downsview to Vaughan. Sheppard west and Steels stations were the first two stations in construction. GFRP has been used in tunnelling construction because it can be cut with working tools like TBM. This avoids damage to cutter heads and does not delay the work progress as piling or cutting through GFRP bars is unproblematic.

Schoeck Canada was the GFRP rebars supplier for those two jobs. The contract drawings asked the contractor to design or propose their own solutions for those soft-eyes area. Jessica of Strong foundation that is the subcontractor for Sheppard West station told me that the engineer only approved our solution and this was a major reason why they bought from us, even though our price was higher than the competitor.

The ComBAR® rebars are very easy to install and it won’t make a big difference to steel rebars on the assembly. The bars are fixed together with binding wires. The steel rebars are on the top and the bottom of the cage, and the middle of the cage is made of ComBAR® rebars. Wire ropes (U-bolts) are used for clamping bars between the GFRP rebars and steel rebars. In most of cases, the contractor will build the cage on the ground and crane it into the ground. I am so surprised that how strong the ComBAR® is when the contractor lifted the cage and lowered it into the trench.

Mark Montgomery from HC Matcon which is the contractor for Steels project said “This project was a challenging deep excavation. The project was based on the efficient engineering and co-operation from both the shoring designer and Schoeck. Their help in putting together the required glass fibre reinforcing and co-ordination with the conventional steel rebar installs was tremendous.”

I am very proud of the products we made and the solution we provided to our customers.

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Christian Witt
06. Oktober 2010 um 17:08

Hi Barron,

Great blog article! Yes, these two stations were a real success story for Schoeck Canada. And this was possible due to the impecable technical support, the long experience, the know-how and the continuous presence of Schoeck Canada and Schöck Bauteile GmbH during assembly and installation of the cages. TTC appreciated these facts and the personal touch. Besides, the price was just a relative aspect, as we provided tremendous services that helped the client be part of this success as well. And as you indicate in your article, they appreciated it.

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