30. Juni 2010

Self Introduction

von Barron Wang

My name is Barron Wang and I started with Schoeck Canada on June 21st as a Senior Sales Engineer. I immigrated to Canada with my wife from China in 2004. We enjoy our living here and have a two-and-half year old daughter now.

I started my graduate studies in civil engineering in Concordia University in 2005 and got my Master degree in 2007. I got my Profession Engineer designation in last year in Ontario.

My first job in Canada was Technical Sales Representative in Central Ontario for Atlantic Industries Ltd that provides corrugated steel solutions for infrastructure and mining industries. I dealt with engineers in engineering firms to get my products specified and contractors or owners to get the P.O. I always loved innovative products and believe GFRP should have a huge potential market in the near future.

This is one of reason why I started with Schoeck Canada Inc. I am a licensed civil engineer, but I also love to be sales professional. As a salesperson, I always enjoy my achievement when I close a deal. On the other hand, I believe that sales job is to provide a solution to the customers. We actually satisfy the customers’ need through the products sell. I am always proud of myself as a solution provider.

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Nikolaus Wild
30. Juni 2010 um 18:21

Hello Barron Wang.
I would like to give you a warm Welcome in the Schöck Group and I wish you the best to achieve your targets in providing world-class solutions for our customers with Schöck ComBAR.
Nikolaus Wild

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