03. November 2010

Couple of words on marketing

von Yevgeniya Nedilko

Some days ago thanks to my colleagues I stumbled on the article “Sao Paolo, no advertising”.

Can you image that you go out and there are no billboards, posters and flyers asking you to buy a huge hamburger or take some pills to be as attractive as a photo-shop model? In Baden-Baden most probably you can. However, if you are in NY or Moscow you can’t escape hundreds or even thousands of annoying messages from all around. Do it! Buy it! Consume, consume, consume! At night it is even worse: the streets wink at different frequencies, autos hurry up and beep. It’s like an urban jungle. It’s like one huge anthill. It makes one sick!

Sao Paolo is a city of 11 million in Brazil, the continent’s biggest consumer market. In 2007 the newly elected mayor Gilberto Kassab passed the “clean city” law banning all outside advertising. Within a couple of months the majority of posters were really taken down. One could see the real face of the city with its poverty and dullness.

Big marketing concerns began to panic: “We all thought it was the end of the world,” says Marcio Oliveira, vice-president of operations at Lew’Lara\TBWA. “We thought, ‘OK, this is gonna screw up all our business.’ ” AND! Here we are 🙂 Nothing had happened. Marketing industry didn’t lose either its revenues or “amounts of production”. It is remarkably how quickly they changed their strategies and focus. They went underground, concentrated on online-marketing, guerilla marketing, social media and it did work!

For me it was a revelation. It is possible to have world conglomerates without visual pollution!!! Three years later nobody complains about this law, neither citizens nor marketing experts. “The city feels cleaner, they say, and the law forced creative innovations into other, newer, advertising methods that have often been more effective.”


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